Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quiet, beautiful day before a long weekend....

Last weekend was far, far too social and I've been making up for it with early nights all week. Might take a walk on the Corniche tonight.

Ball bouncing, brain buzzing. Since my slipped disc episode last month, my desk chair is now a Therapy Ball. It looks vaguely like an oversized testicle with an acne problem, but my other option was a giant hot pink bit with handles. Talk about picking your poison...I get strange looks from visitors. Occasionally I come back from the bathroom to find my Assistant bouncing on it.

I'm playing with old Christmas decorations on my desk when I pause, thinking about what to write. Ball, bell and drum. For almost everyone I talk to, the first two months of 2009 have been *miserable* and I am no exception. Death, friendships and relationships crashing, other friendships renewing in light of tragedies, back injuries. One friend of mine jokingly referred to "Some sort of celestial crapstorm" for January and February and I had to tell him he's right- there was some sort of eclipse at the end of January. No wonder people in the Dark Ages buried themselves in holes during eclipses. If the next eclipse on schedule is anything like this one I'm starting my own bunker.

So, clear cutting is also always an opportunity or series of opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of. Yes. But let me add my voice to The Universe right now..."I'm listening already. Y'all don't gotta that. I know there is a "whiteboard and markers" version somewhere."

However, spiritual clearcutting appears to be finished (at least for today, touch wood). The end result being, by doing the one thing I told myself I would never do, I found something I didn't think existed. Now you can argue that the back injury, the death, the relationships and friendships crashing and renewing within 8 weeks all put me in a spot to do this thing, but I'm starting to wonder where The Universe took their teaching credential.

For the time being, I'm going to enjoy the impossible and take a walk on the Corniche.

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