Friday, December 7, 2007

Hot Camel Action Shots (and a cow)

This was a trip out to a family farm near of those where your supervisor walks up to you Thursday afternoon and says, "Guess where you're going tomorrow!" and you say "Bed!" and she says "Try again!"

Seriously, the spread they put out for us was the equivalent of a wedding reception in the States. Then the family started to show up and we found out why...they had this eggplant salad with beets that I nearly climbed in the serving bowl, it was so good.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Four Months Later

Posting from Work- 15 minutes left on my Prep

and I forgot to make copies. Because I forgot my assistant needs her Prayer Break. Oboy.

Too much, too fast

Okay, now I have a car.

It's made all the difference in everything, in every way.

I also have lamps and a misshapen blanket on the wall that looks...well, like a misshapen, brightly colored blanket. It has served its purpose: people are more inclined to linger, smoke and eat in my flat for more than just the clean dishes now. Since my walls are cement, it conveniently covers up all the missing chunks of masonry from previous nail attempts.

I also have an account on Facebook.

(Hides face in hands)


Don't get me wrong- Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, all the same thing. My private, cozy little flat now has a wide gaping window in the shape of a laptop, sitting on my desk. I can almost feel the breeze through the screen.

With time, I will acclimatize. I mean, I held out for 2 years on the cellphone thing. I think I still hold the record for number of years employed without touching a work-email account.