Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Mwummph Mmphh Mhh Mhh"

Which translates loosely as "Ima lay face down on my bed and talk into the duvet and the damn building can burn down around me before I'm moving".

I got hungry again. Abruptly. About 8 this morning- just far enough into the day that I couldn't do anything except take the edge off occasionally. The most fantabulous thing, was that this co-worker who rooked me into presenting part of this discussion on Foucault on Thursday turned up with a copy of a book I'd been shaking down Kuwait for, with no results. So we got very happy and excited about this upcoming event.
Then I tried reading a little while on prep. No go.

What is originative is the caesura that establishes the distance between reason and nonreason; reason's subjugation of nonreason, wresting from its truth as madness, crime or disease, derives explicitly from this point. (Madness and Civilization, pg. xii)
"Miss? Miss? He called me 'eggplant'!"

After work, I was supposed to tutor this guy from my French class, but we got our paths crossed. He said we agreed on Starbucks, I had in mind the restaurant in the Holiday Inn Dasman. Which is where I went anyway and ate everything except the tablecloth until he called trying to figure out where I was.

Found him, tutored him, then 90 minutes worth of French. Back home again in a semi daze wreaking havoc on the maid's cleaning job and dripping cranberry jelly all over the carpet.

It's only Sunday...