Tuesday, May 6, 2008


back to our scheduled post...

(had to take care of a student who was opting between sirens only he could hear, and music class. You can't go to music if "the sirens" are hurting your ears? Right? Much better to stay and finish your multiplication...? Guess the sirens aren't that loud.)

Six more weeks of school, Spring Break was just last week. I've come to the realization that, despite H. faking a choking/heart attack/general dying spell when served with detention, and J. asking about cross dressers in Paris during math, and O.'s genuine "Fish Stories" (without having the faintest cultural clue to the words), and watching Y. trying to collect rocks while being pursued in slow speed by three administrators, I'm going to miss these miscreants terribly. Despite driving me up the tree every day, I am sure next year will be much more dull.

In neighborhood terms...I have the windows open, it's a nice night. Someone took the equivalent of a Ford Fiesta and managed to back it straight into the only '84 Honda Prelude ever quipped with an alarm. This emptied all of Friend Bakkala, the International Phone Booth, and two apartment buildings. What I don't understand is the Ford Fiesta- the thing can fit in my armpit with turning radius, and it managed to go back three car lengths and across the street into a separate bank of cars without turning the wheel.

What was I thinking? Fifth Ring is in sight! Nothin' sez Kuwait like 4 wheelin in a Fiesta through a construction job. In reverse. Over your neighbor's Prelude.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I haven't posted here in forever

for several reasons...

The first being there is a Man-Thing in my life. My goodness. No, I guarantee that no one is more shocked than I am.

This Man-Thing happens to be handsome enough, that when we're out together I have to keep looking to the side to make sure we're still out together. Yet handsome without being egotistical? With a work ethic? What the....

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was out at Al Hashemi Ballroom to listen to a mezzo soprano. He was one of the "friends" that I mentioned, he sat next to me and we all went out for coffee afterwards. The main thing I remember is that he was figety the entire performance, and I was worried to think he was bored or not enjoying himself.

It was several weeks before we were all out to coffee again. This time I rounded the corner of the booth with my mug, just to hear him tail off on a conversation about work with Hot Mama. I put my cup down, and said very politely "Excuse me, I missed it: what is it you do again?"
(completely deadpan, looking me straight in the eye)"Oh, I'm a pimp."
At which point, I absolutely lost it.

All things considered, Man-Thing and work have kept me wondering and keeping to myself, not really wanting to post, not having too much to post about that wouldn't bore anyone but me to tears.

(being hijacked by a student)