Thursday, March 20, 2008

Almost two

and what a stupid day.

Stupid as in stuporific- I went to bed late last night after reading a book, and slept through till 9 in the morning. Unheard of, for me. I woke up feeling like I'd been clubbed in the head after a dream where my students were randomly dropping from the sky, "WHUMP".

That was so not okay.

Made coffee, STRONG. Picked up a weeks worth of detritus from my room, made breakfast in the seventh orbit ring from Dinner Two Nights Ago. Sat back down on the couch with Jorge Luis Borges- a very bad idea considering the odd dreams I'd had. Ditched the Borges, considered going outside but felt too lazy and started fooling around on the computer. Went to the grocery store, decided it was definitely too warm and that I'd missed my walk by oversleeping. Ate, which made me sleepy again. I've decided that I'm vetoing my body's message for Jorge Luis Borges, after eating Kofta and Marzipan. I found myself planning a summer in Khazikstan online afterwards.

What. A. Stupid. Day.