Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quiet, beautiful day before a long weekend....

Last weekend was far, far too social and I've been making up for it with early nights all week. Might take a walk on the Corniche tonight.

Ball bouncing, brain buzzing. Since my slipped disc episode last month, my desk chair is now a Therapy Ball. It looks vaguely like an oversized testicle with an acne problem, but my other option was a giant hot pink bit with handles. Talk about picking your poison...I get strange looks from visitors. Occasionally I come back from the bathroom to find my Assistant bouncing on it.

I'm playing with old Christmas decorations on my desk when I pause, thinking about what to write. Ball, bell and drum. For almost everyone I talk to, the first two months of 2009 have been *miserable* and I am no exception. Death, friendships and relationships crashing, other friendships renewing in light of tragedies, back injuries. One friend of mine jokingly referred to "Some sort of celestial crapstorm" for January and February and I had to tell him he's right- there was some sort of eclipse at the end of January. No wonder people in the Dark Ages buried themselves in holes during eclipses. If the next eclipse on schedule is anything like this one I'm starting my own bunker.

So, clear cutting is also always an opportunity or series of opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of. Yes. But let me add my voice to The Universe right now..."I'm listening already. Y'all don't gotta that. I know there is a "whiteboard and markers" version somewhere."

However, spiritual clearcutting appears to be finished (at least for today, touch wood). The end result being, by doing the one thing I told myself I would never do, I found something I didn't think existed. Now you can argue that the back injury, the death, the relationships and friendships crashing and renewing within 8 weeks all put me in a spot to do this thing, but I'm starting to wonder where The Universe took their teaching credential.

For the time being, I'm going to enjoy the impossible and take a walk on the Corniche.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

20 sec at black diamond

20 sec at black diamond, originally uploaded by Ilikethenight.

Home, good people of the world. This is home.

And he asked me if I believe in God.

Okay, I'm bored

and I'm going to make the world suffer in spite of it.

(Though I will tell you now, I'd rather be comfortably bored at home than under any social or necessary constraint to go out in the filth storm raging outside right now.)

So, the 25 Random Things About Me. Enjoy.

1. I did run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain in 1996. Those things are the size of a Fiat and twice as fast.

2. I like people a lot, but everyone gets an honest slice of me with every interaction. So it drains me very quickly, and I spend a lot of time alone recharging. If it goes too far, it affects my physical health.

3. I want want want to see the final resting place of Bucephalus, the horse of Alexander the Great. 'Parently it is somewhere in India, complete with a temple. I will find it, oh yes.

4. Alexander the Great is one of my heroes. How one man can move that much Whup-A** on foot across a continent, 300 years BCE, is a source of ceaseless amazement and inspiration to me.( It couldn’t have been done without Bucephalus.)

5. I look almost exactly like my mother, who assured me until I was 27 that I looked exactly like my father.

6. I'm far more personally conservative than most people realize. However, do as you like- I might or might not, but I'm sincerely glad to see you living your life to your own lights.

7. On the flip side, if I decide to lark off looking for the grave of Bucephalus...

8. I have five brothers. One is dead, c. 1992.

9. I am a Special Needs (Special Education) teacher, Moderate/Severe Special Education, Autism Specific. This means, I talk to the people who can’t “Talk”.

10. I grew up on an island, 10 KM away from San Francisco.

11. I was in the army, briefly, to pay for college. I know how to shoot (which I love to do) as well as place a Claymore Mine strategically in an ambush. I know how to stage an ambush. In a pinch, I could probably recall how to call in air support when the ambush doesn’t work, but don’t push it.

12. If I'm walking outside, quickly, hands in pockets with sunglasses on and I don't turn or answer, full of attitude, chances are that I'm running a poem or number patterns through my head and you haven't registered yet. You can be in front of me for several seconds and not register. It's really not personal.

13. That weird eye-rolling back thing I have is my only legacy from Attila the Hun.

14. It is profoundly against every value I hold precious to tell you, by word or by withheld word or by look or by giggle or implication or breath of thought, how to live your life. If you are puking in bucket, I will help wipe your face because that is most useful, not two people puking in bucket. However, if you ask my advice, I will give it to you.

15. I love wearing pretty clothes.

16. I find something to like in everyone and almost everything except green peas.

17. I was raised Mormon. Orthodox Mormon. Look it up. I said RAISED.

18. The worst sick in the world for me is stomach upset.

19. I started reading when I was 2.

20. I do not own a microwave or television. I have not owned either one for over 5 years.

21. Children, my own or teaching/watching other peoples, is critical to my everyday happiness.

22. My ancestors were indeed “Fined, whipped and burned out of Salem” by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s grandfather, for being Quakers.

23. I am not fearless. I'm terribly shy.

24. I bake really good bread from scratch.

25. I would rather be outside with a backpack. Period.