Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can't believe it's a week since I posted last

Busy busy busy.

School starts tomorrow. I've been at my school on the equivalent of a Sunday, putting my room together. This would have been done on Thursday, but I was taken to have my Medical Clearnace done for my Work Visa, which was...a trip. Let me just say, that Civil Service is Civil Service everywhere. But there was a problem with my paperwork, which is why Constatin (the young PE teacher from Bucharest) (All of you guys shut up) and I ended up going as a twosome instead of a thirtysome with all the recent expats. With Constatin, I believe the reason was that they didn't like his picture. I assured him I liked it a great deal. He turned pink.

As you may or may not know, it's Ramadan. With Ramadan comes Ramadan traffic. Equivalent to trying to drive during Sturdays before Christmas. Except, in the United States they aren't fasting from Sunup to Sundown during 135 degree heat. Yes, this means no drinking water too, people.

So "the traffic is terrific". Another high point during Ramadan is the Imam cutting loose all day with his finest tunes. Usually, they just call to prayer 5 times a day. During Ramadan, it's time for Father Ahmed's Greatest Hits, no commericals. Thankfully my windows are doubled paned, and I'm quite a distance from the nearest Mosque (two blocks), but going to the Co-Op four blocks away is a journey. It's surrounded by four mosques, and catches the After Prayer crowd. This means that everyone not four wheeling in their '85 Cutlass in between buildings, is standing in line for fresh Labneh and Pepsi. SO think about how badly you want that loaf of bread, before you're willing to dodge the levitating buicks, 135 degree heat, and Jassem dropping his mic during "All I want for Ramadan is a new prayer rug."

God I hope I don't get deported.