Monday, October 8, 2007

We're at it again

I think I've mentioned in my earlier posts that I got sick. Ergo, some life changes and a sense of urgency about making my life a little more fulfilling and getting on the ball about doing stuff.

I've been fighting off a sinus infection for the past 10 days with less and less success. Actually, my body now does this thing where it determines I will sleep for 16 hours, no other symptoms, and this is my warning that I'm not well. I mean, I can tell. Little things, like my throat is scratchy or maybe I'm craving orange juice. Then it's a bit like falling off a cliff- I'll drop like one of those narcoleptic dachshunds in the films. I'll literally fall asleep standing up.

So a couple of episodes of sleeping, bent over my computer... you get that breath across the back of your neck all over again. You aren't who you were, your body isn't what it was. Pay attention.

To give this place credit, the weather is changing. We're back to 120 degrees during the day with 90% humidity. It will be like this for maybe another week, and then get ripping cold. About 50 degrees F. But it's wreaking havoc on everyone's bronchial system, what with the air conditioning and moving back and forth.

The good things that happened today, are that I got almost everything in my lesson plan for the day covered. The bad part about it was that it took so much energy I fell asleep at my desk. My assistant (who has been sick for the last month) came back to work, and she is beautiful and brilliant. She's like having a team teacher in the classroom, and we alternate implementing the lessons.

I forgot to mention- I'm not teaching Vocational. I'm teaching a class of 9 Mild/Moderate Learners, 11-14 in a contained classroom. It is taking a hell of a lot of work. Weekly lesson plans plus Semester Plans plus IEP's. Like I said, I have a beautiful and brilliant Assistant, who will be a teacher next year hopefully.

I was also just placed on a committee to develop a Language of Instruction for the school. It meets tomorrow, I'm too cynical to find anything but diseased humor in a committee of any sort. More later.

Fulbright stuff has been placed on hold. Too much trouble coordianting interviews and getting online. Continuing Polish at Berlitz for the time being, and another woman has offered to start conversational French lessons with me. I'll be in Poland this summer for at least a month for more intensive lessons, hopefully.

Looking at it, my plate is quite full. Eid starts in two or three days, which is a weeklong holiday. I'm limping towards it, then Christmas. I seem to have the planning well in hand, and the parents are getting to know me better. My biggest problem is my own standards, of course. That, and I have no car, no internet, none of my regular teaching resources and my stamina is shot.


Good night, all the beautiful people.